Liverpool Stag Do Ideas

Ideas for Activities, Themes and the Practicalities

At Stag and Hen Liverpool, we’re organising stag parties around the clock, meaning we have the expertise to advise you on hosting the perfect event. Over the years we’ve seen dozens of great ideas from previous stags on what to wear, where to go and activities to do on the day. We’ve put lots of these ideas together for you on this page to get the ideas for you and the rest of the guys going, you may even spot a few ideas to vote on or come up with something even better.

Activity Ideas

What activities will suit your group?

Are you a group of lads? Gentlemen or a huge mix of personalities from all age groups? Choosing an activity can be difficult if you try to please everyone, but consider choosing something to suit the groom’s interests and something more generic to follow that everyone can enjoy, e.g. After a day of sports, make sure to go out for drinks in the evening or a meal. Not everyone will be up to an afternoon of football – but it’s hard to say no to a pint!

Stag Do Favourite Activities

Thinking up all the activities you could possibly do for a stag do can be a job in itself, so we’ve listed and categorized some of the most popular activities stags have chosen to book with us in the past. They range from the classics such as casino nights, to girls, sports and fun ways to try interesting new tipples.


Popular stag Party Themes

A bit of advice...

Comedy – Comedy costumes are can be easy to find, from Borat’s mankini, to a ‘Where’s Wally’ gang and Johnny Knoxville-style ‘grandpas’. Something we’ve seen once or twice (although not for a full group yet) are ‘riding costumes’ which create the illusion you are all riding on horseback or getting a piggy-back by a gnome or bear. Another suggestion for a comedy theme which we haven’t actually seen yet is memes – such a simple idea with tonnes of internet classics to choose from, from Facepalming Picard, to Condescending Wonka and Success kid.

Gentlemanly – Perhaps the groom likes a sophisticated party or you’re a group of guys looking to experience the high-life for the groom’s last night of freedom. A gentlemanly theme can be easily achieved with spiffing attire, bow ties, top hats or a sweater draped over the shoulders. A high-brow looked can be easily paired with matching activities, from wine or beer tasting to a night in the casino. You may even opt for a day cruise or yacht to enjoy over a couple of drinks.

Personalised – Personalizing your stag theme can be simple. Go for the white shirts and marker pens like you did on the last day of school or prepare something in advance… And we’re not just talking about custom-printed shirts – you could go as far as to buy wigs and custom-printed masks to create a gang of groom doppelgangers. It’ll be hilarious to see the groom’s reaction at first but deep down it’ll really show what a top guy you think he is.

Creative – We’ve seen some odd things over the years, but some of the stand out acts do tend to be the more creative stag do themes. We’ve seen stags strapped up to look like a moving roller coaster, men dressed as Lego characters, Simpson costumes, Cosplay and even the components of a full English breakfast. Creative costumes certainly take a lot more effort and planning, but certainly make your party (and the photos) much more unique!

Where to stay

Stay Somewhere Perfect

Stag Do Accommodation

Finding the right accommodation to suit everyone’s budget and needs can be tricky. First of all be wary that not all hotels are willing to take on stag groups, so look around before you book anything first. At Stag and Hen Liverpool, we’ve sought the best accommodation available to you for different budgets at our accommodation pages. If you’re looking for a party apartment, we’ve put together a clip show of some of the rooms available to you with us below:

Our Featured Apartments

Hints and Tips

Make sure your accommodation:

  • stag-friendly.
  • Has enough room for your plans
  • Has available parking if needed
  • Is close to transport links where needed
  • Is close to shops for booze and food.
  • Deals with your special requirements
  • Has friendly staff to help with any queries
  • Carries the essentials you might need

City Guide

Liverpool City Centre


logistics icon


The first thing you need to have worked out is numbers of people so you can make sure transport tickets or car seats can be planned or booked in advance. Ensure that you are relatively close to the bars and restaurants you will be wanting to visit over the weekend - either within walking distance or a small taxi fare. Unless you definately have a designated driver who isn't too worried about drinking, assume everyone needs sorting out. Once you have a good idea of the logistics feel free to get in touch and we'll help to book something around your arrangements. 

bookings icon

Book Early

Liverpool is the third biggest city in the UK, and as such bookings for venues and accommodation can go very quickly. Liverpool is very popular with stag and hen parties, particularly when it comes to party apartments, so try to book as early as you can. Also, the sooner you book the better your city location is likely to be, as we recommend being as central as possible. 

activities icon


Think about the activities you will book and how they will suit the group. many stag groups choose to book something sporty or active during the day, but remember you don't want to let any of the groom's older relatives down who may look forward to something more relaxed in the evening, be it a slow pint, a game of poker or a night of stand-up comedy. 

behaviour icon


We probably needn't tell you but stag parties can get messy. Just keep an eye out for each other and brush off any trouble that tries to start. All of venues and activity suppliers have the right to refuse entry to anyone if a situation looks too aggravating or threatening to their customers. 

clubs icon

Guest Lists for Clubs

As part of every booking we arrange for free for your group to go on one venue's guest-list for one night of your stay. Please be aware that the larger your group the more difficult it might be to get in elsewhere. Our suggestion is to talk to us and we can discuss the best stag do ideas for other clubs or simply split up into smaller groups when entering other clubs, so you avoid any issue.


meals out icon

Meals Out

Not all bookings via the Stag and Hen Liverpool website include meals, so make sure you check for this when you receive your quote. most restaurants will turn away a large group that rock up to the door on the night, so make sure you book something in advance, or, if you mention the fact you'd like to include a meal with your enquiry, we'll find something to suit your party. 

photos icon


A camera may get in the way on a stag do, so make sure your phone comes out with you fully charged, or bring a charger pack with you. No mad moment should go unmissed at a man's last night of freedom, so make sure you catch some great photos to show (or not show) to others after the event. 

mobile icon


Need more information about Liverpool and what exactly your stag group can or can't get up to in the city centre? Give us a call and we'd be happy to advise the  best we can!

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If booking with Stag and Hen Liverpool, a deposit is required to confirm a booking and full payment is required five weeks prior to your actual Liverpool Hen party starting so you must be strict on payment deadlines for all stags and hens, otherwise you risk losing the booking or one person having to stump up the money themselves. One of our hen night ideas though is a series of forfeits to happen on the Liverpool Hen party itself because that tends to quicken payments considerably.

enjoy it icon


This might be the groom's last night of freedom, but it's also a rare opportunity for male friends and relatives to go out for some quality man time together and be as wacky as you like. 





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