Worst 5 Fashion Faux Pas For Men

Posted in Stag Party Ideas & Advice by Trai Hadfield on 17/03/2017

Both men and women a guilty of a fashion faux every now and then but its far easier for men to fall in to these traps.

Here is our list of what to avoid on your stag party out in Liverpool.

Socks and Sandals

Look surly at this point it shouldn’t even be an issue, we have known about this particular combo for a long time now however you still see it propping up with a lot of men out there. Now I can only imagine that the fellas rocking this style probably are not to bothered about what people think of their taste and I can commend that but I still don’t see the appeal. It can’t be any more comfortable then your regular shoes and really how much time could you possibly be saving?

Bling Overload

mr t

Now there is nothing wrong with a bit of jewellery. I nice watch, a bracelet or even a neckless are great ways look stylish and draw the right kind of attention. However it can be quite easy for people to overdo it and this is true for women it goes double for men. I know you probably thought you looked like Jonny Depp but in truth your coming of a little more Mr T.

Sunglasses At Night


The clue is in the name guys, if there is no sun there should be no sunglasses because take it from us as cool as you think you look, you actually just look silly. Unless you’re travelling back in time to save Sarah Conner I can’t image your pulling them off the way you think you are. While we are at it its worth nothing that you shouldn’t wear sunnies inside either, in fact we think that might be worse.

Running Shoes

running shoes

I know what you’re thinking “but there so comfy and my feet feel like there gliding through the air everywhere I walk, they don’t look that bad do they”. Well no they don’t, if you’re out training. Running shoes are all about utility meaning they likely aren’t going to go with any of your casual clothes and definitely not your smarter gear. It’s a shame I know but this can be just as bad as sandals with socks.

Super Tight Tees

Alright so you started your new year’s resolution to get in to shape in January and now you are looking for any excuse to show of that newly chiselled chest. Well fair enough you have worked hard why shouldn’t you, the thing is though no one will appreciate the effort you have put in when you’re shoving it in people face and nothing says this more than the tight t-shirt. Just deal it back a notch guys and maybe try buying something that fits properly.