What are the duties of the Mother of the Bride?

by Kimberly Low on 13/10/2016

In a matter of months, your daughter is getting married to a wonderful guy.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that you were just nursing her in your arms and now, standing in front of you is happy young woman excited about her impending nuptials.

You wonder how you’ve managed to raise such a beautiful woman with a smashing personality but you did, splendidly in fact, so give yourself a pat on the shoulder!

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Well, let’s get to the reason you’re here: to find out the duties of Mother of the Bride, because you are determined to be the best one yet for your not-so-little girl.

Here are 13 tasks that you can do for the wedding:

1. Help your daughter with the wedding shopping. Remember to be supportive and don’t be overly critical of her choices. You should voice out though if she’s picking out a garish pink gown that barely covers her breasts to walk down the aisle.

2. Work with the couple on drawing up the guest list as well as managing the number of guests.

3. Contribute your knowledge on family traditions to incorporate into the wedding.

4. Find a family heirloom to gift the bride or something meaningful that she could treasure always.

5. Whenever you’re meeting up with the in-laws, make sure you are friendly, warm and inviting towards them.

6. Communicate with mother of the groom on the choice of dresses to avoid any clash of wedding colours.

7. Help research and order the wedding cake.

8. Find the best flower and decoration vendors.

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9. Organise the buttonholes and corsages for the bridal party.

10. Make an arrangement with the church to ensure a smooth ceremony. Your daughter and her soon-to-be husband would rely on you to communicate to them the requirements by the pastor.

11. On the wedding day, be the “hostess with the mostest” so that your daughter doesn’t feel under pressure to attend to her wedding guests. She should be able to focus on just being a happy & contented bride.

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12. Keep a watchful eye over the gifts during and after the wedding. It would be helpful to find a safe place to store them beforehand with the venue management.

13. Remind the bride that she’s beautiful whenever you can.

There, 13 ways you can help with your daughter’s wedding. Whatever happens, stay calm and carry on!