Watch these brave ladies propose to their Men!

by Kimberly Low on 18/02/2016

According to old Irish legend, St. Patrick decreed that women could propose to men on 29 February after St. Brigid of Kildare complained to him that women had to wait too long for men to propose.

As 2016 is a leap year, this means that we are likely to see more women taking charge and surprising their partners with marriage proposals.

While we wait for 29 February to arrive, let’s look at some videos of some ballsy women doing exactly just that – proposing to their men.

1. This girl already knew that her boyfriend was going to propose but decided to surprise him instead. With his mom in it on the plan, she pulled off a cute surprise proposal at their home.

2. It’s dusk and the couple’s sitting by the campfire. Suddenly, the girl started singing a sweet song and finished it with a marriage proposal to her man. His answer was…

3. Our hearts go awwww at this sweet flash mob proposal. Granted it’s not the perfectly choreographed thing we have ever seen, but A for effort and Y for Yes!

4. This girl from Beijing waited for her man outside his home with the latest Range Rover and a promise of house ownership as long as he agrees to marry her. You may not understand the dialogue, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. Well, can you guess how it ended?

5. A sweet girl conspired with staff at her local hardware store and completely took her man by surprise.

6. This video proves that women proposing isn’t a new thing. This ballsy woman pulled off an epic marriage proposal on live television back in the 80s after jumping out of a wedding cake while wearing a bathing suit, giving her man, who was sitting in the audience the shock of his life.

7. Pretty girl proposes to her boyfriend after dating for two whole weeks. We had a pretty good idea on the outcome even before watching the video.

So, how do you feel about women proposing to men? After watching these videos, it’s really quite sweet, we think.