This Serial Stag Party Crasher Has Travelled Over 30000 Miles

by Kimberly Low on 26/05/2016

Wedding crashing? That’s so two-thousand and late. Will Stevenson of Nottingham certainly thinks so, as instead of showing up uninvited at a stranger’s wedding, he’s decided that his life calling is to crash strangers’ stag parties...

The 35-year-old has travelled all over Europe to places such as Rome, Munich, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Magaluf and Ibiza spending over £10,000 on booze and parties in just three months.



It all started in June 2015 when he successfully bid for a spot in a stranger’s stag do in Budapest. It was supposed to be a gag but he found himself really enjoying the experience, making new friends with the groom-to-be and his 21 mates. The trip was reported in detail by Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills and soon, invitations started pouring in from all over the country for the office manager to join strangers at their bachelor bashes.

Will is now a veteran at crashing stag parties, with 34 parties and counting under his belt. Besides partying with the lads, he has also met celebrity DJs such as Pete Tong, Axwell, Ingrosso, and David Guetta.

With his sidekick, Seth the badger, a cuddly toy that he brings to all his exploits, Will has been making an impression on Twitter under the handle @Willhadabadger. The account chronicles all of Will and Seth the badger’s adventures with boats, booze, strippers, and many more unmentionables that tend to take place at stag parties.

You must be wondering how on earth this bloke gets to go on so many holidays. According to Will, his job is pretty flexible although he has admitted that he’s using up his holiday allowance pretty quickly.

Nothing’s going to stop Will Stevenson though as he has already has plans to bring himself and Seth the badger out of Europe. Las Vegas and Melbourne, watch out for their shenanigans!