No Stag Do would be complete without…

by Kimberly Low on 17/03/2016

As the best man you are obligated to ensure that the stag do is legitimately legendary. So, when is a stag do not really a stag do? Well, it’s not fit to be called a stag party if it does not have any of these things below.

stag do ideas must

1. Stag pranks

You can’t call a stag do a stag do until you have rendered the groom-to-be on the verge of tears. Stopping short of giving him a tramp stamp, activities such as body hair removal, handcuffing him to a dustbin and gaffer taping him to a tree are all fair game. Just remember, whatever you do, keep him alive.

2. VIP Treatment

Well, it’s not all tears and pain for the groom in a stag do. Dude should be able to end his bachelorhood like a boss. From the limo to the gourmet dinner to the private booth at the club, give it to him. He is after all celebrating the last days of his single-hood.

3. Strippers and dancers

It’s all little boy’s game till the stripper arrives. Let your mate see what he’s missing out by getting him a sexy dancer. Watch him squirms in embarrassment as she strips and teases him. Don’t worry about being too nice to him though as he is definitely not going to enjoy it with all the jeering and shouting from all of you. On top of that, the worries of how the missus’ reacts to this indiscretion would weigh down heavily on his mind. Mission accomplished.

4. Adrenaline rush

There’s no better time to indulge in some manly, adrenaline pumping activities than during a stag party. Go-karting, sky-diving or skiing? How about paintball? The possibilities are endless.

5. Booze and beers

What does a sober stag do and inviting your mate’s future mother-in-law to his stag do have in common? They are both utterly bizarre and absurd. How else are you going to make him do embarrassing stunts if not by getting him lose all abilities to reason with booze? How are you going to pull off those pranks if not by getting the groom to pass out? Keep the booze and carry on.

6. Chilling out

After all the hectic activities of stag party pranks, drinking and partying, it’s nice to wind down with the boys. Give yourselves a treat at the spa to re-energise and recharge as you still have much to do on the actual wedding day!

We hope that this list has given you great ideas on how to pull off an epic stag do. We trust you will enjoy giving the groom-to-be the time of his life!