Liverpool’s Top Wedding Photographers

by Kimberly Low on 05/05/2016

Besides all the important things in a wedding such as the dress, the venue and the catering, photography is one thing that all couples should really pay attention to.

We’ve all heard of wedding photography horror stories; from blurred images to having majority of the pictures consisting of just the bridesmaids’ cleavages. You certainly do not want to end up with an errant photographer.

wedding photograph illustration

If you’re looking for good wedding photography in Liverpool, check out this list that we have carefully prepared, taking into account picture quality, professionalism and style. Good luck!

1. Simon Andrew Photography

Simon Andrew is skilled at being stealth, he’s shoots so unobtrusively that you wouldn’t even notice he’s at your wedding. The results are beautiful pictures with genuine expressions and natural poses that you will cherish for years to come. We love the colour treatment of Simon Andrew’s pictures too; very bright and contemporary. 


2. Wedding Photography by Joe Bickerton

You can tell that Joe Bickerton’s pictures are organically taken; effortless and modern with hints of documentary style sophistication. If you’re looking for someone who’s skillful but without the pushiness of a diva artist, Joe is the man for you.

3. Danny Beattie Photography

Danny Beattie’s journalistic wedding pictures are mesmerising to look at. A wonderful story teller, your wedding day will be captured dramatically as it unfolds. He is masterful at lighting, and his bright, not too processed treatment of his pictures is a cool bonus.


4. Karen Julia Wedding Photographer

Karen Julia’s portfolio is a pleasing blend of journalistic shots, creative couple portraits, and cheerful group pictures. Her style is influenced by the artistic direction of advertising and editorial genres, resulting in wedding images that are so effortlessly effective and dramatic, you will be proud to show everyone!

5. Lisa Howard Photography

Lisa Howard’s has 14 years as a professional photographer under her belt and it shows in her pictures. Her shots are very natural and organic, with a lovely bright colour palette that will stand the test of time. We love the balance of creative shots and important wedding highlights in her portfolio.


6. Samantha Brown Photography

You can expect your wedding pictures to carry a certain quality of glamour with Samantha Brown as her 25 years of photography experience is rooted in editorial fashion and beauty. She is both technically brilliant and creative, offering her couples beautiful wedding photographs that are not only editorial but also balanced in natural and posed shots.


7. Ian MacMichael Photography

Ian MacMichael is made up of dynamic duo Ian and Hazel. Their specialisation is the artistic documentary style, resulting in pictures that are beautifully journalistic, emotive and natural. Their pictures focus primarily on people and moments and we can’t help but agree that those are the most important things to be captured in wedding photos.