Liverpool Cocktail Making V Liverpool Wine Tasting

by Michael Ferguson on 14/02/2011

cocktail making Liverpool

Our latest blog at Stag and Hen Liverpool asks that age old question for ladies on a Liverpool Hen Weekend “Cocktail Making session or a Wine Tasting In Liverpool?” We do this as both are very popular and it can be difficult for those planning the perfect Liverpool Hen Weekend to decide which one to go for.

Cocktail Making Session in Liverpool

cocktail making Liverpool

Long known as a great ice breaker and a hugely fun day or night time activity our preferred Liverpool cocktail masterclass is based at the iconic Albert Dock and with views out over the water you not only have the chance to make cocktails but also the chance to sit back and enjoy the view as you sip them.

The advantages of a cocktail making session are numerous and include – everyone who drinks will have had or made cocktails at some point so can relate to the activity, you can actually get behind the bar to make your own drinks, someone will eventually try a trick and fail (Stag and Hen Liverpool aren’t mentioning any names…… Mike!!!), there is always a sizeable buffet to go with those cocktail driven munchies and a lot of the time you can personalise your session and ask to make particular drinks you want to make.

Liverpool Wine Tasting for Hens

 wine tasting Liverpool  Liverpool wine tasting

Everyone loves a bottle of vino be it on your Liverpool Hen Weekend or on a Friday night after a long week at work so it was key for Stag and Hen Liverpool to source the best venue for a wine tasting in liverpool for hens coming to the city. Our preferred venue again with views out over the Albert Dock complex provides a warm cosy feel as you enjoy some fine wine and nibbles.

There are again plenty of advantages depending on your wishes and desires for your group. It certainly provides a refined activity to enjoy as you sip each choice of wine and find out about each bottle from the experienced wine waiter assigned to your group, would probably fit the inlaws better if you have any mums or grans in the group as they are more likely to enjoy wine over a Cosmopolitan and finally it is a slightly cheaper option for those hen groups that are on a budget.

Which One to Go for?

Well other than the obvious answer of BOTH!!! Stag and Hen Liverpool would very much suggest that we can only give you the information and unfortunately as difficult as it may be it has to be your call as to what to go for.

If it is a fun, good giggle of an activity and ice breaker for all your friends then a Liverpool Cocktail Masterclass is the way to go. However, if you have the inlaws with you or if you are looking for either a more refined or indeed slightly cheaper activity then choose the Liverpool Wine Tasting for hens.