Leap Year: How to propose to a guy

by Kimberly Low on 11/02/2016

You’ve dated for years. You’ve both discussed it. You mutually agreed that it’s an eventual outcome. Both of you share a Spotify playlist titled “Wedding Songs”. Heck, you guys have even named your future children together!

...So why hasn’t your man proposed?

Chances are it’s on his agenda, he wants it to be a creative proposal, and he wants it to be a memorable experience for you. But they all translate into a lot of planning, which means…..procrastination.

Of course, it will happen. Eventually. But, unless you have the patience of a saint, why not consider proposing to your other half on February 29th in a leap year?

Legend has it that St. Brigid of Kildare unhappily complained to St. Patrick that women had to wait too long for men to propose so the sympathetic St. Patrick decreed that women could propose to men every 4 years on this one day.

And yes, 2016 is a leap year!

Warming up to the idea? Well, let’s see how you can pull off a leap year proposal.

First thing first, get a ring! Whether it’s an ancient Celtic ring or a shiny band from High Street, find one and put it in a fancy box. You and I know you have the better taste in jewellery anyway.
And now, let’s run through a few leap year proposal ideas:

Over karaoke

If you’re not sure whether you could say it, why not sing it? You can even do it during a karaoke tuk-tuk ride.

Over dinner

How about a conventional method for an unconventional event? Get dressed up, take him to his favourite restaurant in Liverpool and at the end of dinner, when he finds the ring in his pudding, get down on one knee!

In the club

Take him to his favourite night-spot and while pretending to freshen up at the ladies, have a covert chat with the DJ. At just the right time at the dancefloor, the DJ will ask the crowd to disperse leaving both of you in the middle of the dancefloor and that’s your cue to get on bended knee, girl! To make the night even more special, get a VIP booth package.

In a game of espionage

You may be proposing to him but it still doesn’t mean he shouldn’t work for it. Plan an elaborate game of espionage and let your man live out his James Bond fantasy with a little twist at the end, having his Bond girl (yes, that’s you) asking for his hand in marriage.

On a knitted sweater

Why not? You can knit it yourself (bonus point for effort) or ask gran for help. Wear it under a jacket and unveil it to your man when it’s time. How couldn’t he say yes? Best of all, it’s cute, practical, and you’ll always have a sweater to show your kids in 20 years.

No matter how you choose to propose, be confident and keep it light-hearted and fun. Since only you know your man best; his sense of humour, his style, his likes and dislikes, remember to bear all those in mind while planning the proposal.

All the best and we wish you a successful leap year proposal.