Download the Most Organised Christmas List EVER!

by Aisha Farndon on 20/11/2015

Is it just us who hears happy exclamations of, “Only 6 weeks to Christmas, woo hoo” and wants to respond with a wail? Because when the Christmas market lights have been turned on you know that you can’t hide away from that dreaded task of Christmas shopping any longer.

Keeping within budget, deciding what to get who, ticking off who’s sorted, keeping track of where you saw that it’s-so-them gift…And that’s before that it’s-so-them gift falls a little out of budget, leaving you to tweak the budget you’ve set aside elsewhere.

Make life a little easier this Christmas with our Christmas list for present shopping and our tips on how to make your budget (and your sanity) stretch a little further this year.


Christmas list download


Plan your Christmas list in advance

Yaaaawwwn…yeah, we know, we know. But isn’t life so much calmer when you walk straight into a shop to pick it up?

The trouble can be with generating ideas in the first place, so why not suggest people send you an email or set up a Pinterest or Amazon wish list? Big hints are always better than fake thank you smiles after all!

Unique items can be bought online too. Do you really need to venture to the high street or the mall with a queue to the entrance 5 junctions back?

With Etsy and Not on the High Street, all those “but I like finding something unique” objections to online shopping are suddenly thwarted.

No Christmas shopping martyrdom for you this year!

Made with loving care

In an age of throw-away goods, people always say it really is the thought and effort that count.

But sometimes you need to know your limitations. So if you’re not a DIY goddess, sometimes it’s better to just pay someone to do it for you. Again, Etsy and Not on the High Street are good for that.

Consider leaving your big Christmas list purchases until Black Friday or Cyber Monday

A few years ago, talk of Black Friday and Cyber Monday was left on the other side of the pond. Nowadays, all the major retailers on the high street are all over it like a spider monkey.

It’d be stupid not to make the most of the deals to be had on these days. It’s just a case of whether you can deal with the crowds on Black Friday or the frenzy of “1 more left” and “sold out” on Cyber Monday.

Other really handy ways to save money at Christmas

We love Money Saving Expert’s discount finder tool. It shows you the deals that are actually deals i.e. they haven’t been put up to be put back down again. You can also search by most reduced.

Remember Martin’s mantra though: just because it’s discounted does not mean it’s a good deal!


Who doesn’t check eBay to make sure they can’t get it cheaper?!