Christmas Party Games

Posted in Lifestyle by Aisha Farndon on 13/11/2015

For added cheer and fun, why not add some of the following Christmas party games to your day this year?

Christmas Party Games

image via Etsy (full card pack available to download for approx £2.50)

 1. Taboo

A Christmas party game to get the brain ticking along a little. Why not play Taboo but with a Christmas twist with the downloadable Taboo Christmas cards above?

With all that drink we’ll be surprised if anyone can play the game at all but who really cares?!

2. The Queen’s Speech Drinking Game

Make The Queen’s Speech worth tuning in for by combining it with a drinking game.

Not that you need any more excuses to drink for Christmas, but…

  • Guess the Queen’s outfit colour choice before it begins. Get it wrong, drink twice. Get it right, drink once.
  • Guess the topic she’ll talk about and then get a drink for every one you get right. If you don’t get any, have two drinks.
  • Drink if you can make out the face of a royal in a background photo.
  • Drink if the Queen is wearing a pearl set.
  • Drink if the Queen refers to “my family and I”.
  • Drink if the Queen refers to charity.

3. The Santa Hat on the TV

This Christmas game is super easy.  Pin a Santa hat onto the TV with some blue tac (put some cardboard in the bottom so that it sticks up). Every time a TV character’s head looks like they’re wearing the hat have a drink!

 4. Two Truths and a Lie

Everyone has to tell two truths and one lie. Everyone has to guess which one is the lie. Double points should be given for those able to deceive everyone and single points for every time you guess the correct lie.

Want to know the Christmas twist? You have to tell two truths and a lie about the worst Christmas present you ever received!

 5. Christmas Memory Game

Give Generation Game conveyor belt a Christmas twist. Place some Christmas items on a table and give everyone 60 seconds to take them in. Then move to the living room and get everyone to write down as many as they can remember in 60 seconds.

What are your favourite Christmas party games? Let us know below or on Facebook!