Celebrate Euro 2016 with Zorb Football, Footpool and Footgolf

by Kimberly Low on 16/06/2016

Have you thought about how to incorporate football into your stag do during this football season? Well, we’ve got news for you.

Other than watching football matches, working those thumbs on FIFA or getting your bum off the couch to play a real football game with your mates, there are exactly three new ways that you can enjoy football. And believe us, they are extremely fun!

Without further ado, let us introduce you to:

Zorb Football

Zorb football? You are probably wondering now what on earth is zorb football. Well, a zorb is a hollow air-cushioned ball that’s so big that it could fit a person. Some people ride a zorb down a hill (yeah, exhilarating) while some wear it to, you’ve guessed it, play football. Basically, in zorb football, everybody gets a bouncy air-filled balled strapped to their upper bodies while playing a game of football.

This is perfect for a football stag do as it combines sports with comic effects. Try tackling your opponent as you would in an ordinary football match – you’d find them flying all over the ground! Imagine the amount of laughter and tears that can be generated from this game.

Who wouldn’t enjoy 90 minutes of bouncing your mates off your zorb?



FootPool takes place on a pitch that is much larger version of a pool table. A white football is your cue ball and a range of coloured footballs represent each pool ball. And the cue sticks? Well, if you haven’t already guessed it, yes they are your feet!

This 2-hour game is an intense match of endurance, accuracy and footwork. It will definitely go down in history as the most fun you’ve ever had with your mates. So whether you’re a master pool player or a talented footballer – let’s see how well your “tekkers” combine in FootPool.



So you’re still missing a little game of golf during this football season. Well, stop moping cause now you can combine both football and golf. What you get is an awesome game of FootGolf. Imagine, playing golf but with your legs as the golf clubs and a football in replacement of the dimpled ball.

The idea is to get the football into a hole in the ground, just like golf. Other than your equipment, the format of FootGolf is pretty much the same as a regular game of golf. And just like golf, there will be delicious refreshments waiting for you at the clubhouse after.