Best Stag Do Pranks Of All Time

Posted in Stag Party Ideas & Advice by Trai Hadfield on 29/03/2017

With a stag party there is one thing that is sure to unite the lads more than anything and that’s getting one over on the lucky groom to be.


Rolly Polly Stripper

rolly polly

Alright let’s face the facts, there is one thing all you stags are looking forward to more than anything else on the party and the chance to check out some gorgeous scantily clad babes. Well as this is his last night of freedom this probably goes double for the groom so picture the look on his face when he gets introduced to one of or Rolly Polly Strippers. These buxom ladies are definitely going to provide a strip show he is sure to never be able to forget.

Comedy Roast

comedy roast

Here is one you can all get involved with, gather some material (the more embarrassing the better) and provide them to us and we will arrange an incredible bespoke Comedy Roast just for your stag. Our professional comedian will then take all your stories and titbits and turn it all in to hilarious roasting material that will have your groom squealing in his seat.


Paintball Liverpool

A fantastic group activity and perfect for a stag party a Paintball Session is sure to bring out all your competitive sides. But why let the groom play by the same rules. Bring along some high viz clothing or some bright pink gear to help him stay camouflaged and blend in. With one of our session you will get some time for a free for all but why not take this time to play a little game of hunt the groom. At the very least this should make for some interesting photo opportunities and funny banter for the rest of the night.

Stag V Food

stag vs food


Put your groom through a mountain of a meal and see if he is up to the challenge with one of our Man V Food meals. This would be a good way for the groom to earn back a little self respect so make sure you have a reward ready for him if he manages to succeed. But of course that means there has to be a forfeit if he fails as well.

Life Drawing For Stags

life drawing for stags

A prank I think he will actually appreciate. What you do is tell him he will be going for a relaxing arts class. Chances are this is not the kind of weekend he had in mind and he is sure to be disappointed. Non the less insist he go through with it and he will get the pleasure of drawing one of our sexy ladies with a Life Drawing Session made just for stags.