8 Utterly Shocking Wedding Dresses

by Kimberly Low on 21/04/2016

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There are wedding dresses in this world that should not have been made in the first place. We question their existence but most of all, we question the decision making capabilities of the wearers. Is it avant-garde or simply a demonstration of extremely poor taste? You tell us.

Here we have 10 utterly shocking wedding dresses that we can’t believe actually exist:


1. The Exhibitionist Bride

Sure we have seen a few of those, notably in the hit show “Big Fat Gypsy Weddings” but none was as outrageous as this one. That little puff of white hair at the crotch, really?

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4. The Biker Bride

The only good point about this “dress” is that it was probably thrown together in 5 minutes. At least she’s actually covered up at all the right places. Extra props to the groom for wearing a bow tie with a leather vest, what a fashion-forward couple.

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5. The Camouflage Bride

Maybe she doesn’t want to be seen on her wedding day? Maybe she likes green? Who knows why this abomination was created. It looks like a dozen babies pooped meconium all over the ill-fitting dress.

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6. The Ballooning Bride

No, she’s not gaining weight but she’s clearly a fan of balloons. Wondering why there’s no wedding decorations? Well, the bride’s wearing them.

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7. The Very Cold Bride

This bride is deathly afraid of the cold. How else do you explain her wearing essentially a knitted cocoon on wedding day?

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8. The Football Fan Bride

We’re not sure who she is marrying, the football club or her fiancé. I suppose nothing shows more commitment to your favourite football club then proclaiming it with your wedding dress.

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9. The pregnant bride

She’s pregnant, she’s proud and she needs you to know. Her dress definitely puts a stop to any gossip of a shotgun marriage. She’s got a baby in the belly and what can you do about it? Well, I would personally cover her up.

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10. The Overly Attached Bride

What you’re seeing at the end of the wedding dress train is not a doll. It’s a real baby, an actual baby that the bride gave birth to a month ago. Her reason for attaching her baby to her wedding dress train? She wanted her baby daughter to be part of her wedding. It’s a sweet sentiment but the last I checked her hands were working fine.

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