8 Stag Party Games

by Kimberly Low on 19/05/2016

No stag do is complete without some hilarious stress-inducing games with the guys

Be prepared for the time of your life with the following stag party games!

toy soldiers stag game


1. Toy Soldier

First, get a bag of plastic toy soldiers from Poundland or something. Before the party starts, get each stag to randomly pick a soldier out of the bag. Whatever that he has picked is now his position. At any time that the best man yells out “Assume your position”, each lad has to pose exactly as his toy soldier.


2. Celebrity Spinner

This is a fantastic game as it requires no props. A stag starts by saying the name of a celebrity. The next stag follows by saying the name of another celebrity whose name starts with the first letter of the last name of previous celebrity. For example, if Lily Allen was called, the next name called must start with the letter A. Assuming it’s Amanda Holden, the following name must start with H and so on.


3. The Man with No Name

Assign everyone a new name. The rule is that whoever uses the stag’s real name instead of his assigned name gets punished!


4. Never Again

Everyone writes his personal “never again” experience on a piece of paper and put it in a bowl. Then everyone picks out a paper and have to guess whose experience it belongs to.


5. Peg a condom

Let’s increase the difficulty level. What you need for this game is a bunch of clothes pegs and condoms. Your challenge is to peg a condom (unused yeah) to a random stranger without that person noticing. If you got busted, prepared to be punished.


6. Coin Toss

The goal of this game is to get your buddies drunk. Toss a coin into their drink and upon finding a coin at the bottom of their glasses, they must down their drink.


7. Drunk selfie

This game is best executed with a cheap automatic camera. Set the camera on timer and pass it around as if taking a selfie. Whoever that has a flash goes off at his face will be punished. This game will produce a lot of hilarious drunken selfies.


8. Categories

Someone names a category, any random category. Then, everybody must name something that belongs to the category. Losers get punished accordingly.
Good luck and hope everybody survives all the way to the wedding day!