8 Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas

by Kimberly Low on 28/04/2016

Everybody loves a fancy dress party, especially when it’s for a hen do. It’s so much fun to dress up together in costumes with your girlfriends.


Whether you’re the DIY sort or planning to rent an elaborate getup, here are some hen party fancy dress ideas to get your party planning going:

1. Disney Princess

princesss costume


There is a Disney Princess in all of us and there’s no better time to bring her out than during a hen party. Whether you’re the adventurous Princess Ariel, sleepy but pretty Princess Aurora or courageous Princess Merida, live out your princess fantasy to the fullest at a fancy dress hen do!

2. Great Gatsby

We love this theme! Everything about it screams glamour – from the beautiful flapper dresses to the flashy jewelleries and the fancy headgears to the seductive make-ups, Great Gatsby themed party takes you back to the roaring 20s in style.


vintage girl

3. Cats

cats fancy dress

This is perfect for lovers of the musical and quite simply, lovers of the felines. Dress up in sexy leotards, put on a pair of cute cat ears, draw on some whiskers and meow away. We suggest a seafood dinner after cause you know, since cats like fish.

4. Superheroes

super hero fancy dresswww.canstockphoto.com

Superhero parties aren’t limited to little boys’ parties. Grown-up girls can have a slice of the fun too! Dress up as Wonder Woman, Black Widow, SuperGirl, Bat Girl or if you’re up for the challenge; Invisible Woman. Do tell us how the latter goes!

5. Fairy tales

fairy fancy dresswww.canstockphoto.com

We all want to dress up as The Red Riding Hood at some point. Or take your pick from popular choices such as Alice in Wonderland, Little Bo Beep, Thumbelina, and Queen of Hearts. This is the perfect opportunity to dress up as your favourite fairy tale character.

6. Supervillains


Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. Throw a supervillain hen party to bring out the renegade in you. Cheeky and crazy Harley Quinn? Sexy Poison Ivy? You can’t go wrong with the seductive Cat Woman. Or if you’re feeling like levelling up your game, get dressed up as the shape-shifting Mystique.

7. Spice Girls

The ideal theme for a party of five. You can go as Posh, Ginger, Sporty, Baby or Scary; do work it out among the girls who’s going as who. And what a perfect excuse to bring out the best of the 90s – the music, the platform wedges, and the cropped tops!

8. Bollywood

Bollywood themed party is more than just getting your hair done up to rival Aishwarya Rai and wearing a glitzy saree. There are plenty of opportunities for fun activities such as acting out exaggerated scenes from classic Bollywood movies, indulging on Bollywood film marathon, name the Bollywood actors andmany more. Needless to say, you are sure to have the best Indian food at a Bollywood themed party too!

We hope you’re inspired to throw a fabulous fancy dress hen do with our suggestions. Have a memorable evening of fun and follies with your girls!