5 Real Life Love Stories…It’s Not Just in the Movies!

by Amanda Hosking on 19/09/2016

We all love a good love story, so we have searched out some real life stories of how couples met, which are just like something out of a movie.

For those of you who think romantic meet-cutes only happen in films here are some truly special stories to prove you wrong.

And for those still looking for love…we’d happily take Noah from the ‘The Notebook’ any day!


1.    Love Up In The Skies

Sorayha first saw her now husband sitting at the gate for her flight to Chicago. She fancied him instantly. When on the flight she noticed the seat next to her was empty and thought ‘how awesome would it be if he ended up next to me’. And sure enough he did. He asked to move to the spare seat so that a family could all sit together. They spent the entire flight talking and he asked for her number when the flight landed. He texted her a few weeks later and they hit it off straight away. They have been married for three years and have two children. (Source: Buzzfeed).


2.    High School Sweethearts

Lauryn and Michael got together in 6th grade! They were inseparable but broke up in 8th grade due to high school starting. Over the next couple of years they both dated different people but remained friends. When college arrived Michael convinced Lauryn to join him on a trip to Las Vegas with his friends. It was here that Lauryn was impressed with his ‘quick wit, business smarts and romantic ways’. She realised that what she had been looking for all along was right under her nose. They dated for a couple of years and are now engaged – meant to be! (Source: thewaywemet Instagram).


3.    Breakdown Romance

Andrea’s car broke down in rush hour traffic – nightmare! She was standing on the side of the road looking helplessly at her car and decided to laugh it off. A man saw her from his car and asked why she was laughing. She replied ‘I have two options: be upset or happy. I chose to be happy and laugh’. He then pulled over and helped with her car. They became very good friends and two years later it dawned on them that they were in love! (Source: Buzzfeed).


4.    Love At First Sight

Jason went to see a friends band play at a club, he spotted Victoria across the room whilst talking to a mate. He says she was ‘the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on’. He felt butterflies in his stomach and could not stop staring at her smile. They danced for hours that night and started to date. 3 weeks after meeting, Jason gave Victoria a note and told her not to open it until he told her to. She agreed. A month later he told her to open it, the note read ‘I have loved you since the day we met’. It was love at first sight for these two and they are now married. (Source: thewaywemet Instagram).


5.    Best Friends For 10 Years

Brianna and George met in high school and developed a lasting friendship. They were always together and Brianna trusted him more than anyone. They went their separate ways at college but their friendship remained strong. George was always there to help her through break-ups and he meant a lot to her. However it was only when her mum got re-married that she started to see George in a different light. She came down the stairs on the day of the wedding and George looked up and said ‘You look beautiful baby’ then kissed her on the cheek. This struck a chord with her, they danced all night and she realised how perfect they were together. After a few weeks they finally started dating after ten years as friends! Brianna said ‘It’s crazy to think that my soul mate has been with me this whole time, I just wasn’t ready to accept it yet’. (Source: thewaywemet Instagram).

Some beautiful examples of true love here…now I’m off to watch ‘The Notebook’!