2016 Clothes Show Highlights

Posted in News & Polls by Trai Hadfield on 01/03/2017

For anyone who isn’t in the know this year The Clothes Show will be moving over from Birmingham to Liverpool for the very first time. We think this is an amazing city change and would like to share some of what we loved about the 2016 Clothes Show to help you get excited.

2016 Clothes show highlights


What's The Clothes Show?

Like nothing you have seen before The Clothes Show prides itself on finding new and incredibly entertaining ways to bring you a runway show like no other. Featuring live musicians, singers and dancers alongside the runway models really gets the audience in a pumped up mood. This creates an atmosphere the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else making for an all-around unmissable experience.

2016 highlights

Last year there was a ton of truly brilliant fashion styles and beauticians working alongside the amazing models to present some amazing garments. Couple this with the intense atmosphere that comes with the live music and you get a very impactful show.


Fashion icons such as Lynne McKenna (editor of Fabulous Magazine) made a stunning appearance on the runway.  



Ferne McCann also makes an appearance bringing her new brand Ferne Beauty to the show. Find out what she thought of the fashion show in the interview below.



To make this show even more special you will catch a list of celebrities about the place doing signings, give always and even presenting parts of the show. Last year we had greats such as TV and radio personality Mark Wright, fashion blogger Sarah Ashcroft and everyone’s favourite clothes show regular Joey Essex.



At its heart The Clothes Show is just that, a show. What this means is that while all the attention is going to be pulled to the garments and the models you will also be consistently entertained by some amazing acts. Last year’s line up included X-Factor faves such as Sam Lavery and Four Of Diamonds. Feel free to see their thoughts on the event in the interview below.



However the main headlining acts were in the incredibly talented Charlotte OC and Daecolm who really pumped things up for The Clothes Show. Check out the amazing performance of Daecolm below as this will give you an idea of kind of amazing acts you can get at The Clothes Show.