10 Most Googled Stag Dos

by Kimberly Low on 25/02/2016

stag do ideas - the most googled

Are you doing your research on what to do for the upcoming epic stag party that you’re organising? Just like the other thousands of guys in your position, we are sure you will appreciate knowing about the ten most searched for stag party ideas on Google, so you know what's trending and becoming popular.

10. Fancy Dress

Coming in at number ten is fancy dress stag dos. Who needs Halloween to put on a funny costume? Stag parties are the perfect reason to get kitted out with your mates. From tying a bed sheet around your body, calling it a toga to playing pirates to pretending to be escaped convicts, the possibilities are endless and the laughs are countless.


9. Comedy Night

What man does not appreciate a night of beers and jokes? To make it even better, have a laugh at the groom’s expense by subjecting him to a comedy roast.

8. Strip Club

The women at home may disagree but it’s not really a stag party without a trip to the strip club. Check out the finest ladies in the best strip clubs in Liverpool with your mates.


7. Casino

Are you a high roller with deep pockets or just a bloke with appreciation for the thrill in a game of chance? Either way, the casino makes a fun spot for a stag party. Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced gamer as there’s a casino taster package that could help you along.


6. Horse Racing

Liverpool is home to three horse racing tracks, so no wonder it’s the sixth most searched stag party on Google. The excitement of watching your horse gallops to victory is simply unbeatable! And that’s why we implore you to get a horse racing package for your stag do.


5. Snowboarding

Snowboarding promises a unique stag party experience. It’s fun, it’s healthy, and it’s definitely agreeable with the wives and girlfriends. Just an hour drive away from Liverpool, Chill Factore offers a Liverpool Snowboarding Taster, which includes a 50 minute lesson and party food for large stag groups.

4. Football

Football makes an ideal stag game when you have a big stag party. But why play just boring old football? After all, it’s a stag party, not PE. So, ramp up the game with zorb football, where you and your mates can send your opponents literally bouncing all over the field.



3. Karting

Whether you are an aspiring car racer or a steadfast Sunday driver, there’s nothing quite like racing karts on the tracks. Live out your Lewis Hamilton fantasy by karting with your mates. You could even arrange for a private event on the track for the ultimate driver experience.


2. Skiing

Believe it or not, skiing comes in as the second most searched stag activity on Google. Who knew? For those inclined to have a real winter sport experience with your mates, you will surely enjoy your skiing party at Chill Factore. There’s something for everyone in for the stag party – slopes for the seasoned skiers, skiing lessons for the novices, guest viewing points for those that prefer to sit it out and great food for all at the many well-known eateries, including the authentic Alpine themed Mont Blanc restaurant.


1. A Stripper

Behold, the most searched for element of a stag do is……a stripper. Having the last hurrah before holy matrimony so to speak, you can’t go wrong with getting a hot stripper to show the groom what he’s missing out. And getting her to humiliate him in the process? Classic move.


Truth be told we were expecting the list to be populated by more playful stag activities so imagine our surprise when really there is more sporty than naughty on the list. What a revelation! Guess this means the ladies at home can stop worrying about what the men are up to and breathe a collective sigh of relief.