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Minimum 6 people

Shredders - the new adrenaline crossover vehicle thrill ride.

Shredders are the brand new outdoor activity thrill ride that has only just hit the shores of the UK. Always on the look out for new and memorable activities for you to do whilst on your Stag and Hen parties in Liverpool we felt obliged to give it a go and then of course make sure you all could as well. Crossed between a tank, skateboard and motocross bike with an engine that can really shift you will be zooming around the Cheshire countryside in no time - just maybe not as expertly as those in the video below!

With its rugged build and well equipped motor it can cope with all weathers and terrains meaning it is available all year round no matter what the weather which means it is perfect whatever time of year your party is. Riding one of the fleet of DTV Shredders this outdoor activity site has is surprisingly easy to learn and very similar to riding a segway or jetski. Give it some throttle and it starts going, lean to the left and it goes to the left and lean to the right and it goes to the right. The key thing to remember is that just like a jet ski you have to give it throttle to turn.

Shredders Liverpool


However don't be lulled into a false sense of security - riding one is very involved and we guarantee you will all be in need of a drink when you get back to town. Our activity partner is well set up for stag and hen groups and makes learning easy and fast with inbuilt communications in your helmet to talk you through things and will of course provide all the safety equipment you need to ensure you all end up dirty but not bruised! Sessions can vary in length depending on your group size and can last from 40 minutes up to a max of 2hrs and over that time the team will make sure they challenge you to new and more tricky obstacles as your skillsets progress.

Group Sizes start with a minimum of 8 and max out at 16 before we would suggest splitting your group over this activity and another at the site to avoid unecessary waiting around. Sessions will take a maximum of 2hrs with larger groups split across two tracks at the same time. Each rider should receive 25 minutes ride time approximately

NB please be aware our Shredders activity is situated at an outdoor activity site approx 45 minutes drive outside of Liverpool and our quoted price does not include return transport. For a quote simply ask on enquiry and we can happily provide one.

NBB Our price includes booth hire at £5pp