Rum Tasting

Prices from £30 pp

A bottle of rum to fill my tum and that’s the life for me!

With Liverpool’s maritime heritage well known it seems only right that whilst the landlubber hens enjoy a spot of cocktail or wine tasting we provide something for the stags who are visiting Liverpool and what better than the favourite choice of the men of the high seas – Rum. We have therefore linked up with this gem of a venue in the city centre to provide all you lovely stags with a Rum tasting.


The owner and staff of this Liverpool institution prides themselves not only on their wide ranging knowledge of rums but of the collection they proudly provide all who visit his venue !

So what is included? Well on the venues mezzanine level you will each get to taste from seven of the bottles stocked at this venue whilst you get taught about the history and production of the liquid as you taste. You are welcome to take tasting notes as you go along or even discuss your thoughts over some nibbles that are included and Stag and Hen Liverpool can personally vouch that let alone the rum the nibbles are worth this activity all on their own!

So this activity is a must for any stags that are rum connoisseurs and will happily fill up an afternoon of your stay in Liverpool.

Not a group of stags and still find yourselves thinking about doing a spot of rum tasting in Liverpool? Simply get in touch with us on 07919 146 937 or