Meat Feast Meal

Prices from £26 pp

As much meat as you can handle: every stag’s dream challenge!

Meat–loving men (are there any other types) will love this stag do restaurant we have in Liverpool city centre.

For the typical carnivorous man there is something about all you can eat meat that send us all into a food frenzy. Not to be outdone, every man feels it’s his duty to show just how much meat he can shovel down his throat in one sitting. So as a stag do dinner, it fits perfectly with any challenges or dares you may have planned!

See the atmosphere and food that awaits you below:

If you’re going to shove lots of sizzling meat down your pipe-hole on your stag do, you may as well make sure it’s delicious. This restaurant in Liverpool uses only the most succulent MEAT and it’s even got no less than 216 different varieties to try. So go on, feast your eyes on all the food you can try:

cap of rum, rump steak, chilli beef, garlic beef, steak and cheese, beef ribs, beef skirt, sirloin beef, smoked gammon, chilli chicken, chicken wrapped in pancetta, chicken hearts, leg of lamb, pork ribs, prime Brazilian pork sausage, garlic bread and grilled cinnamon pineapple

Here’s how it works:

  • You turn up.
  • You eat as much as you like from the extensive buffet (including gorgeous polenta chips, pizzas and pasta and the like) and the meat selections
  • The knowledgeable “Passadores” carve meat directly at your table.
  • Red means stop. Green means go.
  • You probably keep saying yes until you are almost sick.
  • You feel like a real man.
  • You stumble out satisfied, right in the heart of the action for Liverpool’s nightlife.