Shock Football

Prices from £30 pp

Minimum 10 people

Don't make a "shocking" decision and miss getting this activity on your stag or hen party! 

The latest and greatest craze to be sweeping the UK is the energetic and utterly loopy game of "Shock Football". Shock Football is 5 aside with the added spark of danger that each player wears a shock collar on some party of their body and your fellow stags and hens can choose at what point during the game they choose to shock you via remote control. With 10 shock collars per session it can be 5 aside with each player able to shock a member of the opposition or with the larger groups your fellow stags or hens can shock you whilst you attempt to play and then the tables can be turned!

Shock Football Liverpool

Your shock football session will happen at a sports centre a short distance outside of Liverpool and on arrival you will be greeted by your session host who will take you through how your activity will run. Incuded tends to be as follows:-

  • A 1 hour session 
  • A host to explain the session, referee and show you how the kit works
  • Shock Collars with remote controls
  • A variety of games including "Shock Penalties"
  • Transport to the venue not included in the price

We suggest groups of 10 or more so you aren't shocked too much and the session is value for money and that is what the per person price is quoted based on. However should you be desperate to give it a go then we can accept bookings for less just be aware the per person price may change.

Still can't quite work out how it would all work? Check out our video below and then make sure you get it added to your weekend plans and we can look to get you booked in whilst space remains.