Bourbon Tasting

Prices from £30 pp

Bourbon tasting – the drink for distinguished men!

Well, the city slickers on American dramas seem to love bourbon, so they are obviously onto something.

But you don’t need to be a big-wig to learn all about bourbon and feel like you are living the high life. Chill out with your fellow stags and see exactly why bourbon is the drink of choice for many with our bourbon tasting session in Liverpool.

To start with you’ll be offered a drink before the bourbon connoisseur introduces you to the different types of bourbon, as well as a brief walk through its history. As well as discovering the difference between a ‘straight’, ‘blended and ‘aged’ bourbon and learn to note the differences between the spicy, fruity, sweet and savoury styles of bourbon out there.

To test your skills you’ll then be tested blindfolded. Can you tell your 1792 from your Kentucky Gentleman? And do you care, so long as it’s a decent bourbon?!

Our bourbon tasting in Liverpool involves:

  • 90 mins session
  • A brief walk through bourbon’s history
  • A guide through the different types of bourbon
  • Find out how to note the five distinct varieties through sampling
  • Test your tasting skills
  • Complimentary drink and farewell shot included

So why not turn that bar crawl into a bourbon tasting session in Liverpool city centre?!