Beer Tasting

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Afternoon Tea Liverpool

Forget the pub and mix it up with beer tasting

You may be necking back the pints later and not care where they come from so long as it’s not a dirty pint in every sense of the word. However, why not start the day off on a slightly more cultured drinking vibe with our Liverpool beer tasting session? After all, stag dos are all about new experiences and who said it needs to take place away from a pub! This beer tasting happens in a city centre location popular with locals and visitors alike and even has its own restaurant attached if you fancy some food after your session

beer tasting without food 

Here’s what to expect:

  • a range of careful chosen products to taste
  • Includes foreign, local and if you are lucky a limited edition beer
  • a brief run-through on the history of beer
  • tasting note session on the specially selected beers
  • A few nibbles to snack on during

The focus here is on quality not quantity and with the venue offering a variety of drinks tastings from beer to Gin and Whisky the team really know their stuff and are very capable when it comes to making sure all groups that visit them have a memorable activity and time with them

If you still want to sample beer tasting in Liverpool but you’re not on a stag do then there’s no problem –  we can arrange beer tasting for all types of occasions.

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The beer tasting went down a treat with the lads. Fraser Tidman